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IIH Global is a highly recognized eLearning app development company with years of experience in providing e-learning & educational mobile app development solutions. Get all the possible benefits with the help of our advanced e-learning app features.

Now a day, Increasing popularity of online education or e-learning, parents allow even their small children to use smartphones or tablets to download educational-based apps helpful to enhance their learning skills. eLearning app development solutions provide so many opportunities for the education industry to serve a range of learning activities in a solid way using an app.

eLearning App Development Solutions

  • eBook Learning App
  • Online Training Apps
  • E-Library App Solutions
  • Education Gaming App
  • Learning App for Coaching Classes
  • Learning App for Nursery & Preschool
  • Mobility Solution for College & University
  • Knowledge-based Educational App
  • Education Management Solution
  • Interactive education platforms
  • Video streaming and social app
  • Machine learning chatbot
  • Corporate eLearning app

We have crafted innovative education & eLearning app development that have featured on the top platform and made a viable happening section of app stores. We are continuing to surprise users with our ability in game-based and interactive apps. Popular for their educational designs and top-level user experience, our solutions appeal to global trainers and trainees.

We have worked with so many clients in different locations such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore, and the Netherlands.

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Frequently Asked


Yes, we do. We provide e-learning apps for all kind of businesses- right from the start-ups to large-scale enterprises to help them in achieving their vision. Our professionals will guide you at every step of the app development.

To know the cost of on-demand e-learning app development, you have to analyze some of the factors that are app size, number of features, app platform, development team, location, and others. An estimation of cost to develop eLearning app will be around $10,000 to $50,000 but it can vary as per requirements and customization.


We have over 8+ years of work experience in the industry as an education and e-learning apps development company. Through these years, we have worked with a lot of different companies, having a lot of different requirements. We have worked with the biggest of the MNCs and we have also worked with recently incubated start-ups. This has provided us with the expertise to understand diverse client requirements and the capability to fulfil them efficiently.


No, never. Being in the industry for more than a decade, we have not once outsourced a single piece of the project to anyone. Everything is built by our experienced in-house developers. 


We offer flexible payment models for all our clients. Both time & material and fixed-price models are available. For clients who have projects that constantly need changes and updates, the time and material model works best. For time and material models, clients will be billed once every month for the number of hours spent on the project. On the other hand, for projects with a specific requirement, the fixed price model works great and clients can make payments based on the predetermined accomplished milestones.


Sorry, we do not provide source code before project completion and payment completion to protect our rights. Once the project is completed and 100% of payment is done, we will give the complete source code.